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The RODRIGUE ancestors
in Québec and in Acadia
and their descendants

Where did the ancestors of the North American RODRIGUE come from? Many answers can be given to this question. sIn the course of my research, I was able to identify many different lineages, both Portuguese and Spanish. The ancestors of these lineages, which are described with more detail below, have all had descendants in Québec or in Acadia (and also elsewhere). Here are the names of these ancestors:

João Rodrigues
(Lisbon, Portugal, ca 1641 - Beauport, 14 November 1720)

You will find a short biography of João Rodrigues by clicking the link below:

Biography of João Rodrigues

NB: Most of the information concerning João Rodrigues come from an article by Constance Rodrigue-Johnson, "Nos quelques rares ancêtres portugais", Mémoires de la Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française, vol. 40, no 3, automne 1989, pp. 216-222.

Ancestor of the most important of the Rodrigue lineages, João Rodrigues was born probably in Lisbon, Portugal, circa 1641; his parents were João Rodrigues and Susana da Cruz (in the notarized acts in which he was a party, he named his parents as Jean Rodrigue and Suzanne Lacroix; it was most likely a francization of the names; the restoration of the real names is quite evident in the case of the father [Jean Rodrigue = João Rodrigues], but less in the case of the mother [Suzanne can be translated by Susana, but Lacroix can be either Cruz or da Cruz]; most likely, it is to better identify himself with his new environment that he chose to give his parents and himself French-sounding names).

João Rodrigues was a sailor. He probably arrived in New France shortly after 1665. Around 1670, he was at Cap-Rouge, because in July of that year he sold a piece of land that he owned there. For that matter, he will buy and sell four other pieces of land before his marriage in 1671. He married on 28 October 1671 in Beauport (the wedding was celebrated in Beauport, but the act is registered at Notre-Dame de Québec) with Anne Roy ou LeRoy, daughter of François Roy or LeRoy and Anne Bourdais, from the parish of St-Germain-l'Auxerrois in Paris. They had six children: Pierre-Jean, Marie-Anne, Suzanne, René, Vincent, and Jacques (my own ancestor) (for a more detailed biography of João Rodrigues, click on the link above).

  1. Pierre-Jean Rodrigue was born Beauport on 15 August 1672, and he was baptized in the Beauport chapel (act registered in Notre-Dame-de-Québec) on 21 August 1672. He most likely died young, because there is no trace of him later. He has sometimes been mistaken for Jean Rodrigue de Fonds (see further).

  2. Marie-Anne Rodrigue was born in Beauport on 7 August 1673, and was baptized there on the 16th. She was married in Québec on 18 February 1692 with Jean Moreau, son of Jean Moreau and Catherine Leroux. They had 10 children: Nicolas, Gabrielle-Louise, Jean-François, Marie-Jeanne, Ignace-François, Marie, Louis, Pierre-Joseph, Catherine, and Pierre.

  3. Suzanne Rodrigue was born around 1675. She was married in Québec on 26 octobre 1699 with Vincent Guillot, son of Vincent Guillot and Jeanne Sicard. They had 5 children: Vincent, Jean-Baptiste, Augustin, Jacques-Philippe, and René-Marie. Suzanne died in Beauport on 9 June 1711 (interred on the 10th), and Vincent remarried in Québec on 25 November 1711 with Marie Prévost; then, after Marie died on 22 July 1717, he remarried again in L'Ange-Gardien 3 November 1717, with Charlotte Godin.

  4. René Rodrigue was born on 28 juillet 1678 in village Saint-Michel in Beauport, and he was baptized in Beauport the day after. Ancestor of the most important branch of Rodrigue descended from João Rodrigues, he married in Beauport on 22 November 1703 with Élisabeth Dauphin, daughter of René Dauphin and Suzanne Gignard. They had 6 children: René-Joseph, Marie, Geneviève, Jean (who died at the age of nine months), Jean (the second of that name), and Louis.

    Among the descendants of René and Élisabeth who bear the surname Rodrigue, the majority, descended from Jean (married to Dorothée Fougère in 1731 in Beauport, and then to Marie Boulet in 1759 in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce), settled in Beauce; from there, they migrated to the Eastern Townships, Montréal and New England (mainly Maine and New Hampshire). It should also be noted that one the Jean's sons, Jeran-Baptiste, born in Beauport in 1736, emigrated to Louisiana where he enrolled in the militia around 1760. He married twice there, and he had a total of more than twenty children. His descendants are still numerous in Louisiana and in other areas of the United States.

    For his part, René's youngest son, Louis, settled in the region of Lanoraie; he married there first in 1740 with Ursule Trottet dit Saint-Jean, and then in 1769 with Agathe Chapdelaine dit Larivière.

    I have not yet identified any descendant of the eldest of René's sons, René-Joseph, who married in Beauport in 1731 with Marguerite Pepin.

    It can be noted that the four Rodrigue mentioned in the Personalities page, namely the former President of the Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN; in English: Confederation of National Trade Unions, CNTU), Norbert Rodrigue; the singer-author-composer Jacques Michel (Rodrigue); the Louisiana artist George Rodrigue; and sister Denise Rodrigue, are all descended from René Rodrigue.

    René died on 22 March 1715 in Beauport (interred on the 23rd); his widow remarried with Ignace Lépinay in 1715.

  5. Vincent Rodrigue was born on 9 August 1681 in village Saint-Michel in Beauport, and baptized the day after in Beauport. He married Marie-Angélique Giroux in Beauport on 7 January 1707. They had eleven children: Madeleine-Angélique, Vincent, Marie-Thérèse, Marguerite, Louis, Barthélémi, Geneviève-Louise, Marie-Madeleine, Marie-Françoise, Ignace and Pierre.

    Most of the descendants of Vincent and Marie-Angélique settled in the region of Beauport, then on Beaupré's heights and, finally, in the Saguenay / Lac-Saint-Jean region, thus being part of an important pattern of occupation of Québec's territory. However, we should look at the journey of their next to last son, Ignace. Married in Beauport in 1748 with Madeleine Lépinay (daughter of Ignace Lépinay and Élisabeth Dauphin, the widow of Ignace's deceased uncle René), he had two children in this town; he then settled temporarily in Lanoraie, where two other children were born, in 1757 and 1759; we then find him in Lavaltrie, where a son was born in 1760; finally, he seems to have settled definitively in Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier, where his last five children were born between 1762 and 1768. Moreover, one of Ignace's sons, Louis, settled in Les Cèdres (Saint-Joseph-de-Soulanges) where ho got married in 1786.

    As for Vincent's youngest son, Pierre, we can find some of his descendants in Saint-Eustache, to the northwest of Montréal.

    Vincent died in July 1726 in Beauport (interred on the 31st), and his widow remarried in 1729 with Jacques Paradis.

  6. Jacques Rodrigue was born in village Saint-Michel in Beauport, and baptized in Beauport on 27 May 1685. He married Geneviève Caron (widow of Jean Bernier dit de Paris) in Cap-Saint-Ignace (contract Bernard de Larivière, 7 July 1718). We have identified only one child of this couple, Jacques, born in 1718 in Cap-Saint-Ignace.

    Jacques's descendants mostly settled in the region of L'Islet / Cap-Saint-Ignace; but a branch settled in the Charlevoix region (Baie-Saint-Paul, Les Éboulements), and some others in the metropolitan region of Montréal. Another branch, descended from the Baie-Saint-Paul branch, settled in the region of Trois-Pistoles, where it changed its name to Ladrie.

    Jacques Rodrigue died in August 1752 in Cap-Saint-Ignace (interred on the 18th), 6 years after his wife.

João Rodrigues da Fonte
(Viana do Castelo, Portugal, ca 1686 - Québec, 27 September 1733)

Jean Rodrigue dit de Fonds (João Rodrigues da Fonte) (some sources call him Pierre-Jean Rofdrigue, but this is an error: they mistake him for the first son of Jean Rodrigue and Anne LeRoy — see above) originated from the city of Viana do Castelo, in northern Portugal. His parents were João Rodrigues (Jean Rodrigue) and Ana Mança (Anne Mance). He settled first in Port-Royal (now Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia); on 16 March 1707, he married there Anne LeBorgne de Belle-Isle, daughter of Alexandre LeBorgne de Belle-Isle and Marie de Saint-Étienne de Latour. After his wedding, he settled in Louisbourg, located in Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia. Jean-Baptiste Rodrigue dit de Fonds was a rich merchant and shipowner in Louisbourg. Il a aussi certainement beaucoup voyagé dans le cadre de ses occupationsHe also most certainly travelled a lot for his business: for example, we find him in the Québec region in 1713-1714, where one of his sons was born; he also died there in 1733. The couple had eleven children: Joseph, Michel, Jean-François, Jean-Baptiste, Antoine, Pierre, Marie-Anne, Louis, Catherine-Josèphe, François-Luc and Anne-Charlotte.

  1. Joseph Rodrigue was born on 24 February 1708 in Port-Royal.

  2. Michel Rodrigue was born on 4 July 1710 in Port-Royal. He married in Louisbourg on 14 July 1738 with Marguerite Lartigue, daughter of Joseph Lartigue and Jeanne Dihars. The couple had 19 children: Marguerite (Louisbourg, 5 May 1739 — 1744), Marie-Jeanne (Louisbourg, 12 April 1740 — La Rochelle, France, 10 October 1750), Antoine (Louisbourg, June 1741 — ?), Léon (Louisbourg, 5 February 1743 — ?), Anne-Marguerite (Louisbourg, 1744 — ?), Pierre (La Rochelle, France, November 1745 — after 1785), Michel-Jérôme (La Rochelle, France, July 1747 — La Rochelle, France, 14 January 1749), Marguerite-Josèphe (La Rochelle, France, 7 February 1749 — ?), Marie (La Rochelle, France, 16 August 1750 — ?), Hélène (La Rochelle, France, 18 October 1751 — ?), Michel (La Rochelle, France, 10 June 1753 — ?), Louis (La Rochelle, France, 16 August 1754 — ?), Paul (La Rochelle, France 16 December 1755 — after 1832), François-Victor (La Rochelle, France, 1 June 1757 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1796), Auguste (before 1759 — after 1777), René (before 1759 — after 1777), André-Jacques (La Rochelle, France, November 1759 — Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 11 September 1844), Adélaïde-Rosalie (La Rochelle, France, July 1761 — ?), and Victoire (? — ?).

    André-Jacques later became a planter in Saint-Domingue (Haiti); ehe had to flee from Haiti during the slave revolt at the end of the 1790s, and he went to Pennsylvania. His descendants settled mostly in Pennsylvania, in New York and in Connecticut. Two of his sons gained a certain fame. Jacques-Aman-Théodore dit William (1800-1867) was an architect; brother-in-law of John Hughes, Archbishop of New York (whose sister he had married), he was given a certain participation in the construction of Saint Patrick Cathedral in New York City. His brother Aman-Théodore-Michel dit Aristide (1809-1857), was a physician, but he was more known as a builder and an adventurer: in 1854, il a fondé la ville de Lecomptonhe founded the town of Lecompton, Kansas (then called Bald Eagle), in association with colonel Albert Boone, grandson of Daniel Boone; he was also known as being strongly opposed to the abolition of slavery.

    Michel Rodrigue was, like his father, a rich shipowner; a house in Louisbourg has been named after him.

  3. Jean-François Rodrigue was born in Québec on 24 August 1713 (he was baptized the same day in Notre-Dame de Québec); he died less than a year later, in July 1714 (he was interred in L'Ancienne-Lorette on 27 July 1714).

  4. Jean-Baptiste Rodrigue was born circa September 1714; he died between 1738 and 1742.

  5. Antoine Rodrigue was born in 1722. He married in Louisbourg on 19 May 1750 with Françoise Jacau, daughter of Thomas Jacau and Anne Melanson. They had 14 children: Françoise (Louisbourg, 19 February 1751 — Louisbourg, 26 February 1751), Anne-Hypolite (Louisbourg, 17 March 1752 — Louisbourg, 27 March 1752), Antoine (Louisbourg, 24 May 1753 — 4 May 1823), Jeanne-Françoise (Louisbourg, 23 July 1754 — ?), Pierre-Joseph (Louisbourg, 20 December 1755 — ?), Hyppolite (Louisbourg, 1 June 1757 — ?), Charles-Joseph (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France, 10 February 1760 — ?), François-Édouard (La Rochelle, France, 25 February 1761 — 10 November 1761, Saint-Saturnin-du-Bois, France), Antoine (La Rochelle, France, August 1762 — ?), Michelle (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France, March 1765 — Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France, 11 July 1787), Domitille (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France, 30 April 1767 — after 1832), Louise (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France, 10 February 1768 — Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France, August 1768),et François-Edmond (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France, 24 November 1772 — ?). The family had settled in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon following the Acadian Deportation. Antoine died on 2 May 1789 in Port-Louis, Morbihan, France.

    In St-Pierre, Antoine Sr. was a merchant. According to Bona Arsenault, in his Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens, "he owned a house, three stores, five shacks to house the fishermen". His son Antoine was a shipowner; also according to Bona Arsenault, "he owned two ocean-going schooners, four fishing schooners, three small boats and other vessels".

    A son of this second Antoine and Marcelline Martin, François, settled in Louisiana (in the same region where Jean-Baptiste Rodrigue, great-grandson of Jean Rodrigue and Anne Leroy, had settled around 1760). He married Marie-Basilisse Leboeuf in Thibodaux on 20 September 1824.

  6. Pierre Rodrigue was born on 5 February 1723 in Louisbourg. On 17 June 1752, he married in Louisbourg Rose Castaing, daughter of Antoine Castaing, a merchant from Bordeaux, France, Élisabeth Sarcellié. This family was also known as Lafond. They had 6 children: Pierre-Antoine (Louisbourg, 18 August 1753 — ?), Olive-Antoinette (Louisbourg, 22 January 1755 — after 1791; she got married in; Bordeaux, France on 5 October 1782 with Jean Dupuch; she then remarried in Bordeaux with Jean Dumas), Jean-Justin (Mérignac, France, 15 July 1756 — ?), André (Mérignac, France, 5 August 1757 — ?), Gabrielle (ca 1758 — ?), and Anne (ca 1760 — ?). Gabrielle and Anne were in Bordeaux in 1791.

  7. Marie-Anne Rodrigue was born in October 1725 in Louisbourg and was baptized there on the 25th. She died in Louisbourg on 15 December 1732.

  8. Louis Rodrigue was born on 7 March (baptized on the 19th) 1727 in Louisbourg. He died before 1734.

  9. Catherine-Josèphe Rodrigue was born in Louisbourg in February 1728 (baptized on the 9th). She married Joseph de Trion in Sinnamary near Cayenne in French Guiana on 16 August 1773.

  10. François-Luc Rodrigue was born in Louisbourg on 11 July 1730 (baptized on the 12th). He married first Jeanne Ducros on 16 March 1762 in Onard, France; he then married Marie-Colombe Dohier circa 1786.

  11. Anne-Charlotte Rodrigue was born in Louisbourg on 22 July 1731 (baptized on the 27th), and she died before 1734.

Pedro Rodriguez
(San José, Toledo, Spain, ca 1714 — Deschambault, 12 April 1759)

Pedro Rodriguez came from the parish of San José, in the diocese of Toledo, Spain (source: Dictionnaire généalogique de l'abbé Tanguay); he was the son of Manuel Rodriguez (Emmanuel Rodrigue) and María Fresso (?) (Marie Fressaud). He married in Deschambault on 28 April 1749 with Marie-Louise Perron (daughter Jean-Gaspard Perron and Marie-Dorothée Delugré). They had 6 children: Marie-Louise, Marie-Josèphe, Pierre, Marie-Marguerite, Marie-Ursule, and Michel. Pedro Rodriguez died in Deschambault on 12 April 1759 (interred on the 13th); his widow remarried in Deschambault on 2 November 1760 with Jean-François Juste. Here are more details on the children of Pedro and Marie-Louise:

  1. Marie-Louise Rodriguez was born and baptized in Deschambault on 14 February 1750. She married Joseph Sauvageau in Deschambault on 10 January 1774. She died in Grondines on 5 December 1802 (interred on the 7th)

  2. Marie-Josèphe Rodriguez was born and baptized in Deschambault on 5 February 1752. On 14 April 1777, she married in Deschambault with Louis-Joseph Robert dit Saint-Amant (son of Louis-Joseph Robert dit Saint-Amant and Marie-Josèphe Marcotte). Marie-Josèphe died in Deschambault in April 1789 (interred on the 14th); her husband had died there in 1785.

  3. Pierre Rodriguez was born and baptized in Deschambault on 23 March 1753. On 3 March 1783, he married in Deschambault with Angélique Robert dit Saint-Amant (she was the sister of Marie-Josèphe Rodriguez's husband). He died in Deschambault on 31 May 1835 (interred on June 1st). They had 6 children: Michel (married with Judith Groleau, Deschambault, 1814), Joseph (married with Euphrosine Frenette, Deschambault, 1817), Marie-Josephte (married with François Mathieu, Deschambault, 1812), Élisabeth (Isabelle) (married first with Louis Cloutier, Deschambault, 1817; and then with Joseph Thiffault, Saint-Stanislas, 1859), Pierre (married first with Josèphe Perreault, Deschambault, 1809; then with Anastasie Rondeau, Trois-Rivières, 1824; and finally with Marie Ouellet, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, 1842), and Françoise (married with Pierre-François Chartré, Deschambault, 1813).

  4. Marie-Marguerite Rodriguez was born and baptized on 27 April 1754 in Deschambault. She died in Deschambault on 15 April 1828 (interred on the 17th).

  5. Marie-Ursule Rodriguez was born and baptized in Deschambault on 28 May 1756. She married Joseph Perreault in Deschambault on 10 February 1777, and died in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade on 1st July 1832 (interred on the 3rd.

  6. Michel Rodriguez was born in Deschambault on 23 September 1758 (baptized on the 24th). He died there in June 1759 (interred on the 21st).

The descendants of Pierre Rodriguez dropped the final z in their surname to become Rodrigue.

Sebastião Rodrigues
(Evora, Portugal, ?- Les Cèdres, 3 juillet 1811)

Sebastião Rodrigues married on 3 February 1755 in Saint-Joseph-de-Soulanges (now known as Les Cèdres), Amable-Charlotte Prieur dit Saint-Léger (daughter of Joseph Prieur dit Saint-Léger and Marie-Louise Saint-Onge). They had one child, Édouard. After his wife died during childbirth, Sebastião married in the same place on 21 February 1757 with Marie-Anne Parent (daughter of Joseph Parent and Marguerite Vinet). They had 5 children: Jean-Sébastien, Marie-Anne, Angélique-Amable, Jean-Baptiste et Jean-Benjamin. Here are more information on these children:

  1. Child of Sebastião Rodrigues and Amable-Charlotte Prieur dit Saint-Léger

    1. Édouard Rodrigue, born and dead on 30 November 1755.

  2. Children of Sebastião Rodrigues and Marie-Anne Parent

    1. Jean-Sébastien Rodrigue, born on 27 December 1757 in Les Cèdres and baptized on the 28th 28. He married (Les Cèdres, 1786) Marie-Josèphe Valade. They had 5 children: Étienne (born on 26 December 1786 and who died on 2 September 1790), Jean-Sébastien (Sébastien-Antoine) (married to Josèphe Daoust, Pointe-Claire, 1812), Suzanne (married to Joseph Levac, 1822, Les Cèdres), Marie-Josèphe (born ca 1793, and who died on 31 May 1809), and Joseph (married to Scholastique Lauzon, Les Cèdres, 1823).

    2. Marie-Anne Rodrigue, born on 1 September 1759 (baptized in Les Cèdres on 2 September). She married Jean-Gabriel-François Miville (Les Cèdres, 1777).

    3. Angélique-Amable Rodrigue, born and baptized on 20 February 1762 (Les Cèdres). She married François Martin (Les Cèdres, 1788).

    4. Jean-Benjamin Rodrigue (born on 5 May 1764 and baptized on 18 May in Les Cèdres) married Catherine Martin dit Saint-Jean (Les Cèdres, 1786); they had 9 children: Joseph (1792-1792); François (1797-1834; married Marguerite Leduc, Les Cèdres, 1823); Josephte (1801-?); Michel (1808-?; married Marguerite Galarneau, Saint-Timothée, 1835); Pierre (1812-1817); Jean-Baptiste (married Marie Durocher dit Frappe, Saint-Timothée, 1834); Benjamin (married Josèphe Sédilot dit Montreuil, Les Cèdres, 1816); Angélique (married Jean-Baptiste Girard, Les Cèdres, 1817); and Joseph (married Josephte Girard, Les Cèdres, 1821).

      Jean-Benjamin married a second time with Judith Terrier dit de Repentigny or Darpentigny (Les Cèdres, 1819); they had 2 children: Toussaint-Ferdinand (1820-?; married Marie-Rose Sauvé dit Laplante, Les Cèdres, 1845) and Pierre (1822-1898; married Elmire Lalonde, Côteau-du-Lac, 1845, and then Olive Paquet, Les Cèdres, 1862).

    5. Jean-Baptiste Rodrigue married Félicité Poirier (1791, Saint-Michel de Vaudreuil), and the couple had 14 children: Catherine (1792-1826; married Joseph André dit Saint-Amand, 1820, Saint-Polycarpe); Félicité-Angélique (1794-1814); Jean-Baptiste (1796-?; married Catherine Legros, 1820, Saint-Polycarpe); Marguerite (1798-1828; married Joseph Lepage dit Saint-Amand, 1825, Les Cèdres); Antoine (1799-1800); Antoine (1801-?; married Angélique Bénard dit Bonenfant, 1823, Île-Perrot); Angélique (1803-1803); Josephte (1803-?; married Joseph Saint-Germain, 1822, Saint-Polycarpe); Geneviève (1805-?; married Joseph Poirier-Quenneville, 1827, Saint-Polycarpe); Louis (1807-?; married Marie Leroux, St. Raphaels, Ontario); Rose (1809-?; married first François Rousseau, 1830, Saint-Polycarpe; married then Jean-Baptiste Denis, 1857, Saint-Zotique); Étienne (1810-?; married Rose Clément, 1836, Coteau-du-Lac); Joseph (1812-1876; married first Hypolite Dupéron, 1839, Saint-Polycarpe; married then Julie Branchaud, 1858, Montréal; married finally Philomène Girard dit Jolicœur, 1871, Montréal); and Marie (1816-?; married Louis Proteau, 1834, Saint-Polycarpe).

      Jean-Baptiste Rodrigue married for a second time with Catherine Lalonde (Coteau-du-Lac, 1834), but seemingly they did not have any child. Finally, he married Marie-Louise Martin dit Saint-Jean (Coteau-du-Lac, 1844), widow of Alexis Groulx.

João Rodrigues
(São Salvador, Lisbonne, Portugal, ?- possibly Napierville, ?)

João Rodrigues, son of João Rodrigues and Vicencia Catanes, came from São Salvador parish in Lisbon, Portugal. he married in Saint-Joseph de Chambly, on 10 June 1816, Dorothée Salois (daughter of Antoine Salois and Geneviève Hébert). They had 11 children, most of them having died young: Jean-Paul, Jean, Édouard-Nathanaël, Clément-Théophile, Sophie, Charles and Marie-Hermine (twins), Théodore, Cyprien, Moyse, and Joseph.

João married then Julie Arcand (daughter of Eustache Arcand and Madeleine Lévesque) in Notre-Dame de Montréal on 31 August 1830. They had a daughter, Marguerite.

João married a third time in Saint-Cyprien de Napierville, on 3 Februaryr 1835, with Salomée Bourdeau (daughter of André Bourdeau and Angélique Roy). They had 4 children: Marie-Victoire, Philomène, Denyse et Édouard.

Here is more information on João Rodrigues's children:

  1. Children of João Rodrigues and Dorothée Salois

    1. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, born and baptized in Chambly on 16 March 1817. He died in Chambly on 7 September 1817 (buried on the 8th).

    2. Jean Rodrigue, born and baptized in Chambly on 5 November 1818. He died in Napierville on 21 October 1831 (buried on the 22nd).

    3. Édouard-Nathanaël, born and baptized in Chambly on 15 May 1820. He died in Chambly on 10 January 1821 (buried on the 13th).

    4. Clément-Théophile, born in Chambly on 30 October 1821 (baptized on the 31st). He died in Napierville on 10 October 1834 (buried on the 12th).

    5. Sophie Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 12 May 1823 (baptized on the 15th); she died in Napierville eon 30 August 1823 (buried September 1st).

    6. Charles Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 4 October 1824 (baptized on the 5th); he died in Napierville on 9 November 1824 (buried on the 11th).

    7. Marie-Hermine Rodrigue, Charles' twin.

    8. Théodore Rodrigue, born on 3 January 1826 (baptized on the 8th) in Napierville.

    9. Cyprien Rodrigue, boen in Napierville on 22 October 1827 (baptized on the 23rd);he died in Napierville on 2 December 1827 (buried on the 4th).

    10. Moyse Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 30 January 1829 (baptized on the 31st);he died in Napierville on 10 April 1829 (buried on theth 11).

    11. Joseph Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 28 March 1830 (baptized on the 28th);he died in Napierville on 15 July 1830 (buried on the 17th).

  2. Child of João Rodrigues and Julie Arcand

    1. Marguerite Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 13 January 1833 (baptized on the 15th); she died in Napierville on the 17th and was buried the next day.

  3. Children of João Rodrigues and Salomée Bourdeau

    1. Marie-Victoire (Marie-Victorine) Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 19 November 1835 (baptized on the 20th).

    2. Philomène Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 5 May 1837 (baptized on the 8th).

    3. Denyse Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 26 February 1839 (bbaptized on the 27th).

    4. Édouard Rodrigue, born in Napierville on 18 October 1840 (baptized on the 19th); he died in Napierville on 12 June 1841 (buried on the 14th).

Bartolomé Rodriguez dit Gaudry
(Island of Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, ca 1768 - Montréal, 11 October 1834)

Bartolomé Rodriguez was the son of Antonio Rodriguez and María Lacuberta (?) (Marie Lacouverte), and he came from the island of Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean off of and part of Spain. He married Marie Gourgon dit Saint-Maurice (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Gourgon dit Saint-Maurice and Angélique Drapeau) in Notre-Dame de Montréal on 30 April 1798. They had a daughter, Sophie, born in Montréal on 4 February 1809 (baptized under the name of Gaudry in Notre-Dame de Montréal on the 5th); she died in Montréal on 15 June 1816 (burial ceremony in Notre-Dame de Montréal on the 17th). Bartolomé died in Montréal on 11 October 1834 (buried in Notre-Dame de Montréal on the 13th) under the name of Barthélémy Gaudry. Marie Gourgon died in Montréal on 9 February 1838 (buried in Notre-Dame de Montréal on the 12th).

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