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The Rodrigue Families Association has been officially created on June 14, 1997 in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce (Québec), under the impulse of Mr. Roland Rodrigue. However, prior to its creation, certain steps had already been taken


1. Origin of the Association and Provisional Committee

Roland Rodrigue


Under the leadership of Roland Rodrigue, a Provional Committee had been established, with the goals of, firstly, hold a grand meeting of the Rodrigue families and, secondly, to prepare the ground for the creation of a Rodrigue Families Association.




The Founding Committee was presided by Monique Rodrigue. Its members were (from left to right on the picture) :

Comité fondateur

(1st row) Lucille Rodrigue; Lucille (Tom) Rodrigue, secretary; Monique Rodrigue, president; Gisèle Rodrigue, vice president; Jeanne-Thérèse Rodrigue, director; Thérèse Rodrigue, director;
(2nd row) Germain Rodrigue, director; Paul Rodrigue, treasurer; Roland Rodrigue, honorary president; Roland Rodrigue, director; Michel Rodrigue, director; and Denis Rodrigue, director.

On June 14 and 15 in 1997 was held the first meeting of the Rodrigue families in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, to which more than 200 people attended; this meeting, held over two days, included the play La Beauce d’une vie (Beauce of a lifetime), presented by the Théâtre de la Corvée, founded by Roland Rodrigue. During this meeting, the first member cards for the Rodrigue Families Association were distributed.

The Rodrigue Families Association was up and running.

During the following year, the Associations's letters of patent were issued, on July 22, 1997.


2. The First Board, and the first teps of the Association

The first official meeting of the Rodrigue Families Association was held in Beauceville on May 16, 1998. In the course of this meeting, the Association's letters of patent were adopted by the General Assembly, and a first Board of Directors has been elected. It included :

C.A. 1998

(from left to right)
(1st row): Jeanne-Thérèse Rodrigue, administrator; Gisèle Rodrigue, administrator; Thérèse Rodrigue, administrator; Monique Rodrigue, administrator;
(2nd row): Denis Rodrigue, treasurer; Marcel Rodrigue, director; Jocelyn Rodrigue, president; Réal Rodrigue, vice president; Michel Rodrigue, secretary.

On August 11, 1998, the Rodrigue Families Association became a member (# 216) of the Fédération des familles souches du Québec (Federation of Québec's Founding Families) (FFSQ). During the fall of 1998, the Association started publishing its newsletter (then called Bulletin de l’Association des familles Rodrigue, and which would later become Le Rodrigue~s/z), edited by Réal Rodrigue. Towards the end of 1998 or the beginning of 1999, the Association also published its web site (http://www.genealogie.org/famille/rodrigue/), realized by Réal Rodrigue (who is the Association's webmaster), and hosted by the Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique (CGFA) (Centre for Francophone Genealogy of America), formerly the Société généalogique de l'Est du Québec; by the same token, the Association also got its email address (rodrigue@libertel.org).

Réal Rodrigue



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