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The Le Rodrigue~s/z newsletter is the Rodrigue Families Association news organ. It is being published since 1998. It has adopted its current name with Volume 3, issue 2, May-August 2001. The meaning of the name is as follows (excerpt from the above-mentioned issue):

This name represents our RODRIGUE surname, of course; but the dash followed by the two letters “s” and “z” are also reminders of the written form of the surnames of the ancestors from whom our families are descended : RODRIGUES, of Portuguese origin, for the ancestors João (there were two of them, both from Lisbon), Sebastião (from Évora) and João Baptista (from Viana do Castelo); RODRIGUEZ, of Spanish origin, in the case of ancestor Pedro (from Toledo).

Le Rodrigue~s/z is presently published twice a year (in the fall and spring). Some of its articles or chronicles are also published in English, for the benefit of our English-speaking members.  Le Rodrigue~s/z is sent automatically to all members in good standing of the Association. It can also be bought by the issue at the cost of $4.00 per issue.

We invite you to take part in the success of your newsletter Le Rodrigue~s/z by sending your articles and photos by e-mail or regular mail at the following addresses:
                    By e-mail :      Jocelyn.Rodrigue1960@gmail.com
                    By mail :         Editor, Le RODRIGUE-s/z
                                           c/o Association des familles Rodrigue
                                           1198, rue Sainte-Marie
                                           Thetford Mines, QC,  G6H 1H9

Please note :  The deadline to submit your articles and photos for the Spring 2023 edition is March 1st, 2023



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