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The Rodrigue Families Association has been mainly created to bring together the descendants of the Rodrigue ancestors (Rodrigues from Portugal, and Rodriguez from Spain) who settled in Canada (New France/Québec, and Acadia/Nova Scotia) in the XVIIth, XVIIIth et XIXth centuries. However, there are in North America some Rodrigue who are not descended from these ancestors. Most of the ancestors of those unrelated Rodrigue have settled in Louisiana; generally of Spanish origins (notably from the Balearic and Canary Islands), they have often adopted the francized Rodrigue surname, probably due to the presence of a French-speaking majority at that time, and also by the fact that there were already in the region other bearers of the surname, themselves descended from ancestors setlled in New France and Acadia.

Today, many Rodrigues and Rodriguez can also be found in North America. They are descended from Spanish or Portuguese ancestors, settled in America for a long time or who have immigrated more recently. Many have also immigrated to the United States or Canada from Latin America.

In Québec, one can find descendants of a Calixte Rodrigo (son of Emanuel Rodrigo and Joana Lopez, from Madrid, Spain). This Calixte Rodrigo settled in Yamaska (he died there in 1842), and his descendants have dropped the Rodrigo surname in favor of Ladrigo (or Landrigau or Landrigault); however, it seems that today no one bears this surname anymore. Nevertheless, there are many Rodrigo all over North America, probably descended from a more recent immigration, for the surname seems somewhat popular in the Iberian Peninsula (a renowned musical composer bears the name: Joaquín Rodrigo, author of the famed Concierto de Aranjuez).



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